Wednesday, December 10, 2008


James and Deborah Howe are the well-known writers of the ever so popular Bunnicula series. The Bunnicula books are some of my favorites and not just because of the adorable, little bunny. (That's right. I said it. I like bunnies!) In my humble opinion, the writers did an extraordinary job bringing life into the character of Chester, the cat. Indeed, I must keep reminding myself that the writers are merely humans themselves so well did they describe the inner thought life of felines. Anyway, I mention all this, because Chester, as many of you know, is a prolific reader of great literature. In fact, most cats, myself included, do love to read. We're not always napping you know. This all brings me to the point of today's post.

Recently, my human, Miss R. brought home a new book she had borrowed from a writer who studies in her class. "Paws off, Mister," Miss R said to me as she entered the apartment. "I'm saving this book for me to enjoy as a reward after I finish writing all these report cards!" Well, I don't have to tell you, but the quickest way to get a cat to do something is tell him he's not allowed. As soon as Miss R. forbade me to read this new book, I was determined to do that very thing. I waited for Miss R. to go to work, then I made myself hot chocolate and curled up in a sunbeam with a book written by one of Miss R.'s favorite writers, A.T. What can I say? I totally get why Miss R. thinks AT is such a phenomenal writer. It's taking all of my discipline not to tell you all about the book here in this post, but if I did that it would spoil the debut of AT's story which is scheduled for release on Young Authors Day.

Stay tuned, though. I'll be adding to this Virtual Book Shelf over time. In the meantime, I'd love to hear from some of you young readers in Room 203. Who are some of your favorite writers? What are some of your favorite books? Why do you like them? Who knows? Maybe I can use my cute kitty face to persuade Miss R. to hand out eagle bucks to the students who post answers to these questions.


  1. Hi Oliver. I like James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl, all the Narnia books by C.S. Lewis, The Tale of Desperaux by Kate DiCamillo. I like all of these because they use so much imagination and it almost seems like the adventures the characters have couldn't be true even though I want them to be. There are cats in Desperaux. I hope you'll read them.

  2. Oliver, I remember reading Bunnicula books when I was in school. They're some of my favorites. Nowadays, I like to read action/adventure books and books about rebuilding engines.


  3. Hi Oliver, my favorite part in Bunnicula is when Bunnicula and cheseter was in the rock pile in the broken Movie theater because it was kind of sad. When I saw you writting about Bunnicla it reminded me abut the book The Last Battle by C.S Lewis. I think you sould post more things on your blog because I like reading the things on your blog. Also my mom has a blog too. I forgot the name of it. Oliver I think I posted somthing on my blog it is a movie. I am not sure if it showed up on my blog. Can you help me check if it is there??? Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Max #4

  4. Hello Oliver. I just finished reading Bunnicula. I hope that you read these books while Miss R is at school. You will have to share with us some of your other favorite books.
    Little Ell