Monday, March 21, 2011

Sick Ollie

Whenever Bob seems to be having a streak of bad luck he likes to say, "When it rains, it pours."  I never understood that until this week.  For the past few days, I've had a bit of a stomach bug.  Don't get me wrong.  I would never let a little thing like an achy stomach keep me from eating, but my tummy has been hurting. Vinnie suggested I try eating less, but when has less food ever cured anyone?  On Saturday, Miss R. took me to a place that wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it would be.  That's right, boys and girls.  She took me to the see a vet and I discovered that the people at the Sunset Pet Hospital really did want me to feel better.  I won't tell you where the veterinarian stuck the thermometer,but that was less than pleasant. You would think that after enduring the aches of a tummy bug, and the indignity of having my temperature taken, that I would be left alone to pout in peace, but no.  After all this, I heard Miss R using a four letter word.....that's right, she said, "DIET!"  As in Miss R and the doctor want to put me on a diet!  Apparently 26 pounds is too much cat for some people to handle, but I say there is just more of me to hug.  Who wouldn't appreciate a big, furry Ollie hug now and then? Oh, the indecency of it all. Like Bob says, "When it rains, it pours."  It is definitely pouring now.  Stay tuned, children.  I go back to the vet on Tuesday. In the meantime, maybe it wouldn't hurt to try eating a little healthier and maybe exercising a teeny, tiny bit.  Boys and girls, do you have any healthy eating tips for me?  What about exercise?  Do you have any ideas on fun ways I can get my body moving a bit more?  I need to hear from you and soon....before that horrible four letter word is spoken again.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Bob's Book Club

"Oliver, now that you have begun your career as a,," remarked Bob, "perhaps it is time for you to begin thinking about your reading habits.  After all, all good writers are prolific readers."

"What's that? Yeah, sure, whatever you say, Bob." I replied.  My brain was still trying to figure out why Bob had coughed out the word writer, almost like he didn't believe it to be true of me.

"Oliver, pay attention," instructed Bob.  "I'm issuing you an invite to my book club.We meet regularly to discuss great works of literary art. If you're serious about being a writer than you should be serious about joining this book club.  After all, there is no better way to acquire great writing skills than by discussing the writing style of successful,  famous, published writers.  Don't you agree?"

"I guess so." I replied.  I wasn't really paying attention to what Bob was saying.  I was more concerned with whether or not there would be snacks at a book club. I might not mind sitting around with Bob's stuffy friends if food is being served.

"Oliver, are you thinking about food again?" Bob demanded to know.  "I see that dazed look in your eyes and you're starting to drool!" Drat!  He was on to me.  "Oliver, pay attention.  Our next meeting is this Friday at my place.  We're discussing the book Prince Caspian by the highly esteemed C.S. Lewis.  You only have four days to finish the book.  I'll see you then."  With that final comment, Bob leaped through the pet door that led back to his own apartment.  I remained out on my deck wondering how in the world I could ever finish a chapter book in time to take part in the book club meeting.  I'm not a very fast reader.  Then I remembered that the boys and girls in Miss R.'s class had learned about summarizing which is word that means saying a little about a lot.  And, they also just finished reading Prince Caspian. There are a lot of words in Prince Caspian but if you summarize, or say a little about the most important events in the story than maybe I can be prepared for Friday's meeting.  Can you help?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Young Authors Day

"It was a dark and a stormy night."

Now I  know what you're thinking but no fair copying, boys and girls.  That is the opening line to the literary masterpiece I plan to write for Young Authors Day or YAD as it is commonly known .  Of course, felines have been historically barred from participating in YAD festivities for reasons that make no sense to me.  Apparently, the fun of writing and celebrating stories is restricted to students only.  That is why my next literary masterpiece will be a brilliantly persuasive letter to the powers that be informing them of my discontent.  I mean, really!  Aren't I a student as well?  Just because I am not enrolled in school doesn't mean I'm not learning.  In fact, just this weekend I learned an exceptionally valuable lesson.  I learned that Miss R really doesn't like being woken up at 3AM to fill my dish with my favorite kitty treats.

 I digress.  Back to Young Authors Day.  I'm curious, boys and girls.  What story ideas have been percolating in your non-furry brains?  Are you writing fiction or non fiction?  Where are you in the writing process?  Are you still working on your story maps or are you writing your first draft?  I can't wait to hear from you all!