Saturday, November 27, 2010

Santy Paws

Ha Ha Ha, Miss R. Very funny. I get it. So, I ate so much at Thanksgiving that I'm as big as Santa Claus. Dressing me up in the suit when I'm helpless and asleep. Very funny. Maybe I should've written, Ho Ho Ho, instead. See? I can be funny, too!

Still, it was a great week. First, all the snow and then all the food, and now? All the decorations! I love seeing all the beautiful lights this time of year, and the tree, and the presents under the tree....especially the presents with my name on them! Oh boy! I can hardly wait to open them! Bob and I made snow angels....well, he says mine looks more like a snow sumo wrestler than an angel, of all the nerve! Miss R and I made pumpkin bread that's supposed to be healthy but it tasted good to me so I'm not so sure about that. She bought me a "special treat" which turned out to be a low calorie cat treat.  Really?  Do I strike you as the kind of cat that counts calories?  I'll stick to the pumpkin break, thank you very much!

So, tell me, boys and girls, What did you do with your snow days?  Did you play in the snow?  I want to read all about your long break.
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Sunday, November 21, 2010


I've been watching the weather reports all day and am so excited to see all the reports of snow. Miss R says she loves the way a fresh blanket of snow covers everything in a white robe of cleanliness.  Sheesh!  She likes snow because it's clean?  Give me a break!  I like snow because my neighbor Bob and I make snow angels on our decks.  My angels are always bigger than his...hee....hee....hee. I saw a few flakes gently drifting on a breeze late this afternoon.  I watched them as they touched down on my icy cold deck and I couldn't help but notice how beautifully different each one was.  Amazing. Yet they were all made of the same stuff, frozen water.  It reminded me of what you all wrote about what you learned during multi-cultural week.  You all said that while our differences make us interesting we're all the same in the ways that matter most.  Just like the snowflakes on my deck. I'm curious.  Can you think  of an interesting way that makes you different from your friends?  Can you think of a way that you are the same. 

My neighbor Bob and I are both cats, but we're very different.  He's a vegetarian that loves to read and he does lots of sit ups to keep his physique slim.  Me, not so much, but we both love our humans and we both love being scratched behind the ears and we both like making snow angels on our decks.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Culinary Writers

Wow, the kids in Room 204 sure get to read interesting books. The Witches by Roald Dahl is a favorite story of mine, too. I think the little mice are adorable. I know, cats aren't supposed to like mice; they're supposed to eat them, but eeeeuuuuuwwww......yuck! Why would I want to do that? I especially like Bruno Jenkins. That boy appreciates a fine meal interspersed between lots of fine snacks. I think if Bruno were real instead of a fictional character we would get along really well, whether he were a mouse or a human. Who's your favorite character in the story? Why?

I'm currently rereading a book by one of my favorite authors, Betty Crocker. She writes fascinating,detailed descriptions about my favorite thing in the whole world, food. Miss R. says reading a cookbook doesn't really count as reading, but what does she know? She's a terrible cook! What books are you reading now?

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