Friday, June 19, 2009

Weekly Letter

June 19, 2009
Dear Kids,
I can't believe the school year is almost over. What an adventure it has been. Why, if it hadn't been for you, I might never have become famous in the blogosphere. I will miss you and your comments full of wisdom and, in the case of Agent 86, sarcasm.
I am curious. What has been your favorite part of second grade? What advice about what to expect in second grade do you have for this year's first graders ? What will you miss most? To what are you looking forward in third grade? And, what are your summer plans?
I myself will be enormously busy this summer. (And, no fat jokes about the word "enormously" please.) I plan to spend a lot of time napping in sun beams, followed with more naps next to my food dish, followed with more food, followed by naps, then food, then more food, then naps. I like to end my busy days with a senseless, wild rampaging romp tearing mindlessly around the apartment before I collapse in some random spot. Miss R. always seems to be trying to figure out why I tear about the apartment for several minutes like a Tazmanian Devil every night. The funny thing is.....there is no reason. I just like to keep her guessing!
PS Have a great summer!


  1. Dear Oliver
    I know your real identity... god of the cats. That's why you're so large! It takes a big body to have such a huge responsibility. Remember with great power comes great responsibilty.

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