Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

You regular readers of my blog know that this particular holiday, while one of my personal favorites, has always produced a bit of anxiety in my neighbor Bob. The reason, as you may well remember, is that Bob's human insists on dressing up the helpless guy in the most humiliating costumes. Poor Bob. I asked him once why he didn't resist, run away, hide under the bed etc. Anything must be better than the forced indignity of wearing those idiotic costumes. Bob just replied, "Resistance is futile." I have no idea what that means, but it must not be all bad because this year Bob's costume was AWESOME! Check him out. He had me TOTALLY convinced he was the real deal....a tiger living in my building. He even got to go trick-or-treating and brought home a giant bag full of CANDY!!!! He is so lucky. Miss R. never lets me go trick-or-treating. Once when I tried to sneak out the door she said, "Really, Oliver? Do you really think YOU need more CANDY?" Ouch that's hitting in the flabby part of the belly. I mean, does anyone NEED candy? Of course, not. Candy is it's own reward, which is what I told Bob and do you know what he answered me?

"Candy, my weight-challenged friend, is sugar-coated poison that wreaks havoc on one's physique. I let my human have my bag since he seems to enjoy taking insane health risks like that. I prefer my vegetarian diet complete with soybeans and tofu."

Uggghhhh......and Bob calls himself a cat?! So boys and girls, what did you do this Halloween? Did you celebrate the holiday at all? Did you dress up? Did you get candy? Mmmm....candy....


  1. Oliver,
    I don't celebrate Halloween, but I think you had a great time. Anyway, my mom doesn't let me eat too much candy.

    RI #6

  2. This Halloween I went trick-or-treating with my friends McKenna, Conner, and Cole. I celebrate Halloween every year. I dressed as a witch this year.

    LS #20

  3. Dear Oliver,,
    I was so angry when you said idiotic costume. I was sad when you're friend Bob went trick-or-treating and you didn't. You wrote your friend Bob's costume was awesome.

    RM #11

  4. Dear Oliver,
    I had so much fun yesterday going trick-or-treating with my bud Ben., We even went all the way around the neighborhood. When we were done at 8:00PM we ate one giant piece of candy. Iws called Cookie's-n-Cream candy bar.


  5. Dear Oliver,
    I dressed up on Halloween. I was a movie star. I got lots oof candy. I went trick-or-treating wiht my friends, and even got a Hershey's bar bigger than the normal kind. I haven't eaten it yet. Next year I will be a cheerleader for Halloween. It was a fun year.

    S #10

  6. Dear Oliver,
    I went trick-or-treating yesterday with my dad. I went to 150 houses. Everybody gave candy to me,. At this last house I went to I saw Lucy in Miss Rosenthal's class. Then I walked home and started counting my candy.

    AS #21

  7. Dear Kids,
    I had so much fun reading about what you did yesterday whether or not you celebrated Halloween. S #10, I can't believe you didn't eat that giant candy bar yet. That's sooo wrong. RI #6, sounds like your mom is a lot like Miss R. Miss R doesn't let me have candy either. Maybe if I meow long enough Bob's human will share his stash with me.

    Hugs and Kisses,