Sunday, November 21, 2010


I've been watching the weather reports all day and am so excited to see all the reports of snow. Miss R says she loves the way a fresh blanket of snow covers everything in a white robe of cleanliness.  Sheesh!  She likes snow because it's clean?  Give me a break!  I like snow because my neighbor Bob and I make snow angels on our decks.  My angels are always bigger than his...hee....hee....hee. I saw a few flakes gently drifting on a breeze late this afternoon.  I watched them as they touched down on my icy cold deck and I couldn't help but notice how beautifully different each one was.  Amazing. Yet they were all made of the same stuff, frozen water.  It reminded me of what you all wrote about what you learned during multi-cultural week.  You all said that while our differences make us interesting we're all the same in the ways that matter most.  Just like the snowflakes on my deck. I'm curious.  Can you think  of an interesting way that makes you different from your friends?  Can you think of a way that you are the same. 

My neighbor Bob and I are both cats, but we're very different.  He's a vegetarian that loves to read and he does lots of sit ups to keep his physique slim.  Me, not so much, but we both love our humans and we both love being scratched behind the ears and we both like making snow angels on our decks.


  1. Oliver, I am just going to give you some advice. Do not eat the yellow snow. It mighjt be a dog's pee and you don't like dogs so don't eat the yellow snow or Miss Rotz will not let you in the house. So, that's it. Just don't eat the yellow snow.
    KR #15

  2. Dear Oliver,
    I am different from my friend Lucy because she is Chinese and I am Indian. We both are alike because we're both human and both like pumpkin bread and American cheese. We like to make snow angels, too, but we're different.
    S #10

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  4. Dear Oliver,
    Erika and I are different in many ways. For instance, she is Japanese-American and I'm German-American, but we can be friends. We are both people. Oh, by the way. You won't her from me for awhile.
    MS #15

  5. Dear Oliver,
    We are all the same in a way, but everybody has a different talent. A talent is something that you are good at.
    AS #15

  6. Dear Oliver,
    I like to make snow angels, too. Do not eat the yellow snow. You are the smart cat in fat cat history. You are the cute one, too.

  7. Dear Oliver,
    I'm different from my friends because I am Jewish. I was also born in Washington DC. I'm the same because we all like soccer. My friends and I like zombie tag. We're the same but different.

  8. Dear Oliver,
    I think some ways my friends and I are different is that I'm Dutch. M is from Viet Nam and J is Japanese. One way we're the same is that we all have feelings, we all like soccer.

    It is really snowy at my house, too. I can't quite make snow angels. My sister and I made a little hideout in our backyard yesterday. It ha a drawing room with sticks, flat rocks, and chalk. The sticks are for drawing in the dirt and the chalk is for drawing on the flat rocks. I hope you had fun in the snow.


  9. Dear Oliver,
    I think my family is the only family that takes off shoes to enter a house but we're the same because we're all humans.

  10. Dear Oliver,
    This snowy weekend was a blast! I got to drink hot chocolate. It was delicious. I also went on the computer, a lot. I didn't get to play in the snow but I still had fun. I also went to my last soccer game and afterwards we had a pizza party at Zeeks and then I got a coold.


  11. Dear Oliver,
    I am different from my friend LS because my family is half Chinese and half American. Hers is from Germany. I am glad that the snow is here because I can make snowomen and snow angels. I am not happy when the snowo is here because it is hard to get to school. I am happy it is so hard because we probably can't go to school. You can tell I sort of like snow and sort of not.

    LS #19

  12. Dear Oliver,
    When it snows in winter my sister likes to make snowbunnies. I do not make snow men. The thing that is the same we both love to play in the snow. What I like to do is to dig in the snow. I also like to osee the ice crystals. Since I was too small to reach them my mom does. They grow on the roof but they are not so big.

    N #8

  13. Dear Oliver,,
    It's slippery in the snow but it's so beautiful. I almost slipped on the stairs next to my house when I was coming to school. My sister and I stuck our tongues outside. You're right. Snowflakes are different.


  14. Dear Oliver,
    I am glad that the snow has fallen, too. You are right that the snowflakes are different. That is weird is that you like snow because snow is water and cats do not water.

  15. Dear Oliver,
    I am different because my friend LS is Chinese and I am German. I am half German because my Grandma is German. I am very excited about the snow. After school I am going sledding. I do not know if it is going to work but I hope it will!


  16. Dear Oliver the Fat Cat,
    I am the same because I'm a person. I have skin like others and so on. I am different because I am Chinese.
    DG #3

  17. Dear Oliver the Fat Cat,
    It is snowing. It is lame we have to go to school. I am the same as my friend because we humans. I am different because I like snow but he doesn't.