Thursday, December 16, 2010

Miss Darcy Kitty

"What ARE you doing, Oliver?" asked my nosy neighbor Bob.

"If you must know, I'm wrapping a gift for Miss Kitty." I retorted. 

 I shouldn't be so snappy with Bob.  He is my friend, after all, but he teases me about being friends with his adopted sister, Miss Kitty. Actually, Miss Kitty's real name is Darcy.  She was named after a famous character named Mr. Darcy in a famous book called Pride and Prejudice by an even more famous writer named Jane Austen.  At first, Bob's human thought Darcy Kitty was a boy so he picked a boy's name from a book in Bob's personal library. As it turns out though, Darcy Kitty, unlike the character in the book, is actually a girl, so sometimes the humans just call her Miss Kitty.

Bob's human brought Miss Kitty home a few years ago on Valentines Day as a playmate for Bob, but Bob doesn't really like spending time with her. Bob calls it a classic case of sibling rivalry.  Whatever that means. 

Darcy Kitty and I get along all right. We both like watching the water skiers on the lake. Still, Darcy has always been rather shy.  I guess anyone would have a hard time coming out of her shell with Bob around, but I was feeling bad for me Miss Kitty. I think she could use more friends.  Chunkier friends.  Friends like me.  So, I used my allowance and went online and bought her that famous book by Jane Austen, the one that has her name in it, so she can have her own copy of it.  Who knows?  Maybe she and Bob will find some common ground and start getting along better.  I can't wait to give it to her for Christmas.  I think she's really going to like it. 

What about you?  Have you ever been so excited to give a gift to someone that you couldn't wait for them to open it and see what you got them?  I'd love to read about it.  Now, if only I could get this tape out of my paws.


  1. Dear Oliver,
    I give a present every day. I give a kiss to my mommy and a hug. I don't give a toy every day.
    Merry Christmas.
    MS #18

  2. Dear Oliver,
    Last Christmas I gave lip balm to my family members. The part of it was I got to make it.
    I went to my grandma's house and I saw it.
    I had a lot of fun making the lip balm!
    I think they liked that!
    LS #20

  3. Dear Oliver,
    My best present I ever got is the LPS town square. It has a huge elevator and a multi-swing that goes in circles around the square. I also got a Littlest Pet Shop turtle that goes with it, and a scooter.
    AS #21

  4. Dear Oliver,
    The best present I've given to somebody is socks and underwear. I gave it to my dad on Christmas. When he opened it he thought it was SOOO funny! I gave it to my dad last year. That was the best Christmas EVER!!!
    TG #4

  5. Dear Oliver,
    The best present I got was the Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser. But I am going to get the cruiser this Christmas. Why do I like it? Because it is STAR WARS of course. And it can fit over 20 mini-figures. I will never change my mind.
    CL #7

  6. The best present I ever gave was a ski watch for my dad. He wanted one so he didn't have to take his glove off a lot. I got him one and he was really happy. Now he does not have to take his glove off. He still uses it.
    JW #25

  7. Dear Oliver,
    The presents I like to give out are chocolates, little purses, and lotion to give to teachers. I like to give it out because it is nice and it's for holidays. I always write cards to go with presents too. Or if I don't give out presents then I give out cards. Sometimes I give out presents to my friends. Christmas is a great holiday.
    LS #19

  8. Dear Oliver,
    The best present I ever gave was one to my sister. I gave her a Harry Potter D.S. game. I got one too. It was the best present I ever got because my sister and I are both big fans of Harry Potter. I decided I would give it to her because she likes Harry Potter. I love Harry Potter too! My favorite character is Hermione.
    From SM#10

  9. Dear Oliver,
    I gave my mom a present last year when it was Mother's Day. She liked it so much. I even gave her a card with her gift. My little sister helped me make my mom's present. Her present was a pink letter and a card.

  10. Dear Oliver,
    The best present I ever had was the Wii. It is really fun! You can play basketball and ping pong and much more! I love it!
    Bye :)

  11. Dear Oliver,
    The best present I've ever gotten was my LPS. I love LPS. They're so awesome. LPS stands for Littlest Pet Shop. Last year I got 3 LPS, but now they're all gone. And I want a Nintendo DSi. You can record and make flip-notes. Flip-notes can be really funny.
    What's your favorite present from Christmas? Tell Me.

  12. Dear Oliver,
    A present that I gave was a hot wheels. We bought it at Rite Aid. I gave it to Billy. The size of the box is just like a regular game capacity. It was also almost sold out.
    NL #8

  13. Dear Oliver,
    My best Christmas present ever is a shell. That shell I got from Japan. I already put it under my tree. I forget who it is for. It is not opened yet.

  14. Dear Oliver the Fat Cat,
    What did you do on the super short weekend? I didn't do anything. I had 3 classes. One is English class. The second was English, math, verbal, nonverbal and quantitative class.
    My best present was a building set that has metal bars and plates. It even has a motor. You can build airplanes, cars, and even boats. Of course a boat can't float but its rudder can move. The car wheels move so it can move. The airplane's propellers move so it can fly. These are all done by a tiny motor.