Friday, February 4, 2011

Oliver's Place

A great artist by the name RM #11 has created this rendition of the building where I reside.  As you can see, RM #11 also drew in the homes of my neighbors. That's Bob next door to me.  He calls himself an intellect which is a fancy way of saying he's smart.  His human is a professor at an university and often brings home textbooks that Bob loves to read.  He also loves to share his knowledge with the rest of us. Bob has an adopted sibling named Miss Darcy Kitty.  That's her sky diving off the side of the building. She is a brave adventurer, as you can see, who often strolls the trails in the park nearby when she's not sky diving.  Hanging around Bob, she has learned to love books, but she prefers adventure stories to textbooks.  A good book will often inspire her to seek her fortune.  Last week she found her fortune in the form of a half-eaten burger in the garbage can behind Kidd Valley. She was generous enough to share her fortune with me. Othello lives in the apartment directly above me.  He's a feline Shakespearean actor who has a funny way of talking.  Bob tells me that Othello speaks in iambic pentameter and I have no idea what that means, but apparently it's a Shakespearean actor kind of thing.  Next to Othello, lives Vinnie.  Vinnie is old and lost a leg to diabetes many years ago.  He keeps a garden on his deck where he grows vegetables to help him stay healthy.  Whereas Bob is book smart, Vinnie is what I like to call life smart.  When I told him that, he just smiled his gap-toothed smile and said, "That's because I've learned from my mistakes.  And when you make as many mistakes as I learn a lot!"  And now, thanks to RM#11, all my regular readers can have a picture of where my buddies and I live. Thank you, RM#11!

Boys and girls, can you tell me something about the place where you live?  Is it a house or an apartment?  Do you know your neighbors?  Without using their names can you tell me what makes them unique?  I'd love to learn more about you.


  1. Dear Oliver,
    The place I live is close to Eastgate Elementary. If you want to go to my house you go to the secret driveway then you turn right. Guess what? You're there at my house. Do not post my phone number or the address where I live because I don't want strangers knowing where I live and I will get prank phone calls.
    Your friend,
    ET #22

  2. Hi Oliver!
    My house has a big pine tree in front of it. I have three yards. Sometimes when I'm playing soccer I kick the ball into my neighbor's yards. I live on a hill.
    JR #14

  3. Dear Oliver,
    I live in a house on a hill. I have a beautiful view. On the left of my house are Mrs. and Mrs. W. and on the right Mr. and Mrs. A. From my giant kitchen window I can see the mountains that lead to eastern Washington!
    MS #18

  4. Oliver,
    I live in a house. My left neighbor is a doctor. My rigth neighbor works in his yard a lot. I wish I could tell you more. Have a great time with your friend.
    ST #23

  5. Dear Oliver,
    I live in a regular house in Bellevue. I have five nice neighbors. My neighbor on the right has a dog named Yukon and my neighbor on the left has a dog named Bubbles. She's a poodle. Across the street is a cat named Ginger. I have two cats. I better get going - it's math time.
    AS #21

  6. I live in Summit. I live in a house. My neighbor has a garden too. I usually see her water her plants and rake her leaves. The girl next to her is named Lucy too. She has two puppies. When I am in my piano room I see her brother play football with her dad. I feel really good about my neighbor!
    LS #19

  7. Dear Oliver,
    I live in a cul-de-sac with lots of plants by houses. My neighbors ride their bikes a lot. One of them goes to Eastgate too. I think she's in Mrs. Finerty's class. I wonder what class she will be in next year?
    LS #20

  8. Dear Oliver,
    I live up the hill from Eastgate. If you keep going straight you will find Horizon Heights. Go up to the top of the hill and turn left. My house is the 3rd house on the left. I like my house. It's very comfy and cozy. I have two neighbors. One has kids, the other one has kids that are grown up. And that is where I live and who are my neighbors.
    SM #10

  9. I live in a neighborhood called Whispering Heights. My neighbors are really nice. I give cookies to one of my neighbors, and when they come back from a place they give me a treat. One of my neighbors has a cat. That is all the things about my neighbors.
    JW #25

  10. I live in a street. There's a house on the street. My neighbor is a fourth grader and he is fast. A few blocks away there is a second grader and she is funny. A few more blocks away there are second graders that are triplets, and one of them is in my class. That is my neighbors.
    RM #11

  11. I am going to tell you about where I live. I live in a house with my mom and my brother. I don't know my neighbors yet but I will soon. I have a huge backyard and it could fit 3 horses. Too bad I don't have 3 horses. That's the story about where I live.
    KR #15

  12. Hi, Oliver,

    i am responding to you that i really miss you miss r says that you miss me to so that's is why iam telling you that i miss you. you are the best little chunk of fuzz i ever seen. huggs and kisses hapy valentines day!

    ja #1 responding