Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

At least, I hope YOU'RE having a happy Halloween. Unfortunately for my upstairs neighbor Bob, this holiday isn't nearly as enjoyable. His human insists on dressing him up every year and the costumes are always humiliating, but this year's costume....well, you can see what I mean. Poor Bob. Fortunately for me, my human NEVER humiliates me with embarrassing costumes of any kind. She shares my firmly held belief that anything already sporting a natural coat of fur need not sport any additional clothing. Phew! Still, I can understand why the human kittens enjoy this holiday so much. My human tells me that her second grade students look forward to dressing up. Apparently, they're rewarded for their efforts with large amounts of candy. Hmmm, that doesn't sound toooo bad. Now, if only we could convince people to hand out cans of tuna than even I might dress up!


  1. Totally agree about animals wearing any kind of clothing, not just costumes!

  2. Happy Halloween Oliver! My you are looking cuddly. And by cuddly I mean deceptively lazy in appearance but primed to attack without provocation.

  3. Hi Oliver. I have a princess indian costume that I wore for Halloween.My mom made it. I had to make my face whiter. She said it was hard to make. My sister was a beat-up office lady. I don't think you want to be a beat-up office lady.