Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy St Patrick's Day

Bob and I were sitting out on our decks this morning hoping for a little sun. Kitty, Bob's Valentine's Day "gift" from his owner, was no where to be seen. She refuses to come outside if even a single cloud dots the sky. "I don't want to get my fur wet," she whines. That's just as well. I've been a little embarrassed about running into her ever since I gave her that Valentine's Day poem last month. I'm not sure she liked it as much as I thought she would.

"Bob," I began. "I was pawing through Miss Rotz's shopping bags the other day and saw she bought a green T-Shirt. I wondered if maybe it was for me because she doesn't usually wear THAT shade of green."

"First of all, you shouldn't be pawing through your human's things, Oliver. It gives us felines a bad name," Bob warned. He's always telling me what I should or shouldn't be doing. I needed to change the subject fast.

"How do you think I'd look in a green shirt?" I asked.

"I doubt it's for you," replied Bob. "I suspect your human intends to wear it tomorrow in honor of St. Patrick's Day."

"St. Patrick's Day. What's that?" I wanted to know.

"Well," began Bob, "In the 5 century ...."

Oh bother! Why did I even ask? I could tell Bob was getting ready for one of his really long lectures so I just tuned him out and watched a butterfly twitter about on my deck. I briefly entertained the idea of chasing the butterfly, but realized it would take way too much energy. I returned my thoughts to Bob who was muttering something about a voyage to Ireland. Hmmm. I thought maybe I should at least try to pay attention to what Bob was saying about St. Patrick, but decided to watch the jet skiers on the lake instead. It seemed kind of cold to be out on the lake today but.....

"ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO A WORD I'M SAYING," shouted Bob. Yikes! He caught me.

"Yes, of course," I lied. "You were talking about....oooh, Miss Rotz is home. I better see if she brought anything good to eat. Later, Bob!"

"I'm on to you!" sreamed Bob from his deck as I tried to squeeze my way through the cat door on my deck. So much for a quick getaway. "Next time we meet I'll be expecting you to tell me five things you remember from my well-researched lecture on St. Patrick. Five things. You hear me, Oliver?!?!"
"Five things," I gasped as I at last heaved myself through the cat flap. Honestly, I do believe that thing is shrinking in size!

But, oh man, I'm in trouble now. I wasn't paying any attention to Bob at all. That's why I'm posting this today, kids. I need you to do some research and find out some facts about St. Patrick so I have something to share with Bob. Do any of you out there know anything at all about the St. Patrick or the holiday or anything? Help me! I need some answers quick or Bob is going to be lecturing me all over again about the importance of staying focused and paying attention and.....ooh look...another pretty butterfly.....


  1. Hi Oliver,
    I don't understand St. Patrick's Day very much either. I only know three things:
    1. It's a holiday from Ireland;
    2. That holiday is to celebrate St. Patrick (from Ireland);
    3. People wear green or they get pinched.
    I sometimes get a cookie with green sprinkles that looks like a four-leaf clover. I hope you get something good.

  2. Hi Akemi,
    Thanks so much for helping out a pal. I am trying to memorize everything you've written, but I keep getting distracted by the thought of cookies. I don't recall Bob mentioning cookies, but if he wanted me to pay attention, he should've began his lecture with them, don't you think?


  3. Hi Oliver,
    I learned that blue not green is the original color related to Saint Patrick. I learned this from here:,2933,509487,00.html.

    Sincerely, Ryan

  4. Oliver, if you want to know more about St. Patrick's Day, maybe you should pay better attention to your friend, Bob, when he's talking to you.

    Miss R.

  5. oliver oh oliver why have could of lission to bob or this would happend to you!!!

  6. Dear Olive, Just say pepol wear green so they dont get pinched. Some pepol think on ST Patricks Day that at a end of a rainbow you can find gold. Do you think so?

  7. I think I know some things about st.patricks day. patricks day is a celebrated on the 17 of march.
    2. st. patricks day is named after a man named st. patrick. okay oliver thats all the stuff I know. I hope it turns out alright with bob.