Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekly Letter

March 27, 2009
Dear Kids,
Are you enjoying getting ready for Young Authors' Day? Miss R. has told me about it in years past and it seems like sooooo much fun, especially the BBQ.....mmmmm BBQ. What ideas do you have for stories?

I'm thinking of writing my own Young Authors' Day story, I think, perhaps, a fable. Of course, I'll need to think of a moral first. I'm tossing around some different ideas in my furry, little brain, but I'm thinking, Bigger is better! Heee hee hee. That's me all over. I'm definitely bigger which makes me, I like to think, a bit better because, hey, there's more of me to love. Now to think of a problem and a solution to support my moral. Hmmmm. This is harder than I thought. I need to take a break from all this hard thinking and writing and maybe eat a donut. Mmmmmm donuts.


  1. Dear Oliver,
    I am writing a fable for Young Author's Day. I am writing about you and Bob. It is about the Golden Rule.

  2. Dear Oliver,
    I am writing a fable for Young Author's Day. It is about you and Bob. It is called The Golden Rule.