Sunday, March 6, 2011

Young Authors Day

"It was a dark and a stormy night."

Now I  know what you're thinking but no fair copying, boys and girls.  That is the opening line to the literary masterpiece I plan to write for Young Authors Day or YAD as it is commonly known .  Of course, felines have been historically barred from participating in YAD festivities for reasons that make no sense to me.  Apparently, the fun of writing and celebrating stories is restricted to students only.  That is why my next literary masterpiece will be a brilliantly persuasive letter to the powers that be informing them of my discontent.  I mean, really!  Aren't I a student as well?  Just because I am not enrolled in school doesn't mean I'm not learning.  In fact, just this weekend I learned an exceptionally valuable lesson.  I learned that Miss R really doesn't like being woken up at 3AM to fill my dish with my favorite kitty treats.

 I digress.  Back to Young Authors Day.  I'm curious, boys and girls.  What story ideas have been percolating in your non-furry brains?  Are you writing fiction or non fiction?  Where are you in the writing process?  Are you still working on your story maps or are you writing your first draft?  I can't wait to hear from you all!


  1. Dear Oliver,
    My Young Authors Day book is called The Future. It is about two children, Sara and John, that want to go to the future. I am still on my story map. That is where I am at.

  2. Oliver,
    My Young Authors Day book is about a bunny that doesn't know what Easter play to do. I am doing a fiction story that I made up. I called it The Easter Play.

  3. Dear Oliver,
    My Young Authors book will be non-fiction. I am going to write about skatin. I will take place in a skating rink. I am still working on my story map because I was doing a fictionstory map and then Miss Rotz gave me a non-fiction story map. I can't wait until Young Authors Day!

  4. Dear Oliver,
    I am writing a story about wars. I am writing a fiction story. I am already finished with my story map. I am on my first draft. I wonder what story you're writing?

  5. Oliver,
    Iam curios what your story is about? Is it about a world of food and a cat eats all of it? can you tell me?