Monday, May 23, 2011

Soft, what light in yonder window breaks?

"Soft, what light in yonder window breaks?" That's how Othello started the conversation on Friday afternoon.  He had jumped down from his deck to join Bob and me on my deck.  Soft, what light in yonder window breaks?  What does that even mean? Bob just chuckled.

"Well quoted, my thespian friend, well quoted." Honestly, sometimes I just don't understand those two.  It's like they're speaking a different language.  "Othello is quoting a line from one of William Shakespeare's plays called Romeo and Juliet. It's the part where Romeo compares Juliet's radient beauty to that of the sun.  Of coure, today Othello is remarking about the radient beauty of the sun itself."

  Really?  Well then, why doesn't he just say so?  Still, I have to admit, Friday was a beautiful and lovely day.  The three of us spent all afternoon snoozing in the radient beauty of the sun. I've observed human kittens taking off their shoes and socks to run and play on days when the sun warms the ground.  I don't get it.  We cats prefer resting in the sun to playing in the sun.  I'm curious, boys and girls of Room 204.  What do you like to do in the sun?


  1. Dear Oliver,
    I like going in the pool, jumping on the trampoline, going to the YMCA, hanging out with friends at the library, playing in the park next to the library, playing with friends, playing basketball at Eastgate, eating popsicles and ice cream with friends.

    ET #22

  2. Dear Oliver,
    In the sun I love to sit and tan and let the sun warm me up. When I get too hot I go in my creek in the backyard of my house or play in the sprinkler. When I'm done I have a picnic with my brothers and sister and with my cousins. Then I play all sorts of games for my exercise.

  3. Dear Oliver,
    What I like to do in the sun is all kinds of stuff because sun is warm. Most of the days it is really cool almost freezing, and I hate the cold. Like cats do. I love the sun!

  4. Oliver,
    A list of things I do in the sun:
    Go to the water park, go swimming, have a picnic at the park, go hiking, go camping, and go to the store and buy chocolate flavored ice cream!
    RI #6

  5. Dear Oliver,
    What I like to do in the sun is play in my backyard and blow bubbles! Sometimes when it's really sunny I like to go to the clubhouse and roll in the grass, go to the pool and ride my bike with my grandma and grandpa! I also like to go to the skating rink to skate with my friends! I like to get sprayed in the hose. I also like running along the grass with my bare feet! I love the sun!
    ~LS #19

  6. Dear Oliver,
    What's cookin' Oliver? Glad to write back to you again. These are some of the things I like to do in the sun: I like to go to Canon Beach. But I don't like it when the sand burns my toes. I have to run on my tippy toes to get to the wet sand. I also like to go to LegoLand and play all their games. I even like to go to the park in shorts and just graze on the grass, have picnics, and roll around in the grass. I hope you try and enjoy these methods.
    MD #2

  7. Dear Oliver,
    Here are some things I like to do in the sun: I like to go swimming, go on rides and play with my friends. But sometimes I like to spend time with my family. I really like to go to the park with my friends or family. I can't wait for the summer so I can do all those things!
    AS #16