Tuesday, April 19, 2011

School Daze

"Soooooo............how did it go?" asked Vinnie, Bob, Miss Kitty, and Othello the moment I came home from my school day adventure. They were waiting for me out on their respective decks as I knew they would be.

"Piece of cake," I replied nonchalently. OK...between you, gentle reader, and me, it wasn't exactly a piece of cake, but I do like me some cake now and then. I digress. Today, I'm afraid I got a little.......anxious. Ever since Miss R. told me I would be visiting the boys and girls this morning, I've been too excited even to eat! Visiting the boys and girls in Miss R.'s class is such a big deal. Miss R. even bought a stylish new carrying case for me. It's black which I understand is very slimming. The ride to school this morning was filled with anticipation. As Miss R. carried me through the halls, I felt my pulse quickening. Then we rounded the corner into her wing and I heard the crowds (and by crowds I mean the kids in the third grade wing) screaming my name and I panicked. So much pressure. Miss R. let me into the room before the students came in so I had a chance to explore, but I could see all the faces of the human kittens pressed against the glass of the door and I got the worst case of stage fright, ever. I tried to make a beeline for the hallway when the door at last opened, but Miss R. was too quick. She scooped me up before I could make get-a-way. Once the kids came in and settled in I began to relax, but I didn't feel completely calm again until Miss R. returned me to my slimming carrying case. Miss Lisa picked me up to take me home and I was sad to say good-bye to my friends. Anyway, here are the pics I showed Vinnie and the gang of my adventure. Boys and Girls, my favorite part of the day was meeting you! What was your favorite part of your Hundred Star Party day?
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  1. Dear Oliver,
    At the Hundred Star Party we had a lot of fun. Some people got to carry but you scratched them me and Laurel when we were trying to carry youo. When you left, we built forts. We had a read-in. For lunch we had a Movie Lunch. My favorite part was when I saw you,. You were so cute and chubby. Hope to see you again!


  2. The Hundred Star Party wasa very fujn. We got to build forts, eat pizza and watcha movie. You were fatter than I thought. You were scared a tifrst. My favorite part of the party was when I ate 2 big slices of pizza.


  3. Oliver,
    It was nice to see you yesterday. Did you like it when I was scratching under your chin? Well, Oliver, you area super duper cute. Does your stomach still pain? Have you looked at yourself in the mirror. If not, you should. Have you made something from our recipes. Oh, my favorite part of the party was when I was meeting you! I want to omeet you again.

  4. Dear Oliver,
    Yesterday you were stinking cute and heavy. YOu are a good cat that has a furry tummy. When you left I said I wish you were my cat. And when you were in the center room I saw you meow. You were super cute! And I thinkg everyone loves you especially Miss Ro

  5. Dear Oliver,
    Yesterday I had a blast at the One Hundred Star Party. I wish you were there for the rest of the day. At lunch I forgot my juice at home and had only slice of pizza because all the greedy people took more first. And we got to have read-ins. That was the best and it was the only One Hundred Star Party.
    MD #2

  6. oliver,
    i wish i could met you i am crying i really whant to pet you right now!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. I think story maps are very hard too. This year I am going to do a non fiction story. I hope you can come to young author's day to Ms R's class.

    --LS #24